“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

– Proverbs 3:5,6

Today, I have a word for those of you who feel trapped, stuck or frozen. It’s not a particularly profound or deep thought, but it’s worth repeating again and again — trust the Lord. I know the ongoing nature of the COVID situation has many feeling discouraged and wondering if there will ever be an end. Like everyone, I struggle with the mixed emotions of the whole thing, and as I pray, God keeps bringing me back to the truth that He is trustworthy because He is good. Even as we drill through, trying to do the right thing day after day, His Kingdom remains unshaken. His plan is not affected by earthly circumstances, and He is not surprised or offset by the chaos happening around us. Knowing this, we can press on — though tired— and place full confidence in His character. When He seems silent, He is still working, and He promises to straighten our path, prosper our plans, and move us from glory to glory as we submit all of our ways to Him. He is in control, and He loves us more than we can possibly fathom. Though the devil continually works through people and situations to tempt us to take matters into our own hands, the surest victory comes as we surrender to His heart and claim the power of His favor, even when we don’t see it or sense it.

My friend, you are surrounded on all sides by the goodness of God! The treasures of His Kingdom are available to you every minute of every day, and He invites you to step into His presence and find rest. As you take time to intentionally hear His voice, though your circumstances may not immediately change, He will remind you that He is fighting the battle on your behalf. You are more than a conqueror with Him on your side, and no weapon formed against you has any power to sway His good plan for your future. Right now, He is working behind the scenes to orchestrate a victory that will confound your enemies and cause them to surrender in awe of His mighty power!


Jesus, you are my Victor and the Great Warrior who fights my battles. Though I don’t understand what’s happening around me, I place my trust in your goodness.


Do you feel stuck or trapped today? If so, what are some Scriptural promises you can claim over your circumstances?

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