“He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” -Luke 8:8

When we talk about the love of God, I think of how many of us are living in God’s love, literally. We are bathed in the radio waves of God’s love. It’s pouring over us constantly. However, sometimes we don’t see it, we don’t hear it, and we don’t feel it because we’re not on the right station.

The most important time for a believer is like when you turn a radio on and you get to the right station because what comes through those speakers is the music of life – when you really can tap into this river of radio waves of God’s love. All of a sudden, this music plays and the rhythm of your whole life changes. Everything becomes different.

We have to find a way to stop ignoring the love that God is constantly pouring over our lives. Let’s find his frequency – it’s available 24/7 – and experience his song, his rhythm for our lives.

PRAYER:  Dear Lord, I may not see you, or even hear you, but I’m tuned into your love. I feel it washing over and through everything I do. Amen.

REFLECTION:  How do you relate God’s love to an invisible radio wave?

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