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Every week you can experience what God has for you through the Hour of Power broadcast on TV or online.

Our broadcast is available for free around the world and features inspirational music, engaging interviews, and a message from the Word of God that will challenge you in a way to become a better person and more of what God wants you to be.

Allentown, PA


11:00 am – WFMZ Ch 69

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Orlando, FL

One-hour program

Friday’s @ 9:00 PM EST

30 Minute Program

Saturday’s @ 8:00 AM EST

30 Minute Program

Saturday’s @ 4:30 PM PST

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Sacramento, CA

Saturday @ 9:30 pm
Sunday @ 11:30 pm
Wednesday @ 11:00 am

KSCE – El Paso, TX & Las Cruces, NM

One hour program airs Sundays @ 9:00 AM

Vision TV


One Hour Program

Sunday’s @ 11:30 AM EST

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