“Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.”

– Romans 5:3,4

As we continue to talk about our best life being ahead of us, there are two important truths we must remember at all times; the first one is that anything is possible. I’m a Schuller, so possibility thinking is in my veins, and I want to tell you clearly today that anything is possible in your life. The dictionary defines anything as “any thing whatever: any such thing.” In other words, there is nothing that you can’t do through faith in Jesus Christ!

The second thing we have to remember as we strive to live our best life is that, although anything is possible, the journey to get there can be arduous. This is something that we don’t really like to hear in America and other places that are affluent; we are used to having whatever we want when we want it. However, I need to tell you candidly that the bigger the dream, the greater the struggle. Suffering and dreams go hand-in-hand and sacrifice is required in order to achieve the impossible. This is why the Apostle Paul said in Romans that suffering produces perseverance, character and hope. Imaginations are the manifestations of hope, but hope comes as a result of the character-building effects of suffering.

Anything is possible to those who believe, but a struggle to get there will be inevitable; it’s the price tag on a treasure chest full of God-sized dreams!


Help me, Jesus, to embrace the struggle that is inevitable as I move forward in pursuing the dreams and visions you have put in my heart.


How have you experienced suffering and struggle as a result of pursuing God-sized dreams?

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