“If we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself.”

– 2 Timothy 2:13

God’s words are true and there is nothing He says that will not come to pass. Once He declares something, it’s chiseled in stone, for He doesn’t take back His promises. In fact, Scripture says that even if we fail Him, He never fails us because He cannot deny His own nature. When we read those words, we should be encouraged; however, it’s easy to wonder, if that’s true, why so much evil is prevailing in the world. The answer to that question is as old as time itself — there is a kingdom of darkness fighting against the Kingdom of God. Though the enemy was doomed from the moment he was cursed in the garden, the heat turned up after Jesus came to earth. With the dawning of the Savior, he knew his time was short. In fact, even when Christ was still a baby, the devil worked through King Herod to kill all the Jewish children under the age of two in an effort to keep Him down. Though many people don’t know this, these children are considered the first Christian martyrs and their lives are commemorated on December 28, which is Holy Innocents Day. Yet not even this horrendous act could stop Jesus or impede the ultimate victory of the cross. 

Friend, you have an enemy, but nothing he can devise will keep God’s plan from coming to pass in your life. Every promise He has spoken over you will prevail because He cannot deny Himself. As you walk closely with the Lord, though you may endure trials and tribulations, there isn’t anything Satan can devise to keep His slow and steady Hand from finishing its work in you. Keep hope alive in your heart and remind yourself daily that your steps are ordered by the King of Kings — nothing is too hard for Him!

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Jesus, thank you for being 100% faithful to your promises 100% of the time.


What lies has the devil whispered to keep God’s promises from taking root in your heart?

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