“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

– Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)

A symphony is an elaborate musical work that’s written for a full orchestra. It’s typically divided into four movements, and all of them are distinctly different but woven together by similar themes. Since composing such a complex piece of music is no easy task, there are several famous composers who started them but never finished. Perhaps the most famous is Franz Schubert and his Symphony #8, of which he completed only two movements. Though speculation by some is that he never intended to finish it, the reality is that he probably didn’t get to it, either because he lacked inspiration or didn’t receive adequate support. Thankfully for us, God doesn’t author any unfinished symphonies. Though our lives are complex and each movement has its own distinct triumphs, tragedies, and milestones, they are all intertwined by the melody of His grace. While we face different seasons, and some are more difficult than others, He stays with us to provide the perfect measure of help and mercy. He leads us through each part — faithfully landing us on the right notes — so that our obstacles ultimately crescendo to a glorious finish. He never gives up on what He starts, and since we are His masterpiece, He causes everything we endure to work in unison to bring glory to His Name.

My friend, you may feel like you have an unfinished symphony in your life, but God is going to complete it. Every step of your journey is conducted by the great Artist of Heaven, and He is causing all the parts to come together in harmony. Though it’s not over yet, the beautiful melody He’s composing from each seemingly dissonant circumstance is writing a song that exalts Him, edifies you, and will ultimately bring you to your knees in overwhelming praise. Your life is His manuscript, and He is filling in notes that tell of His goodness through a love song that’s far more glorious than your mind’s ability to comprehend!


Jesus, teach me to trust you as I await the completion of the symphonies you have begun in my life.


Is there a part of your journey that feels like an unfinished symphony? How can you worship the Lord as you wait for Him to complete it?

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