“What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?.”

– Matthew 16:26

Recently, I read a book by Felix Dennis, an English publisher, poet, spoken-word artist, and philanthropist. A man of great wealth, he earned hundreds of millions of dollars through his publishing company. Computer and hobbyist magazines such as PC World and MacUser were pioneered by him in the United Kingdom. In his book, he discusses principles that will help you succeed in business, work, leadership, and wealth accumulation. 

There was an epilogue at the end that touched my heart. A question was asked of him, do you really want to be rich? You have all your houses, the best French wines, and access to the world’s adventures, but are you happy? He replied, “No, I am not happy.” He shared that within his circle of wealthy friends, he had never met anyone who was both wealthy and happy. At first, I thought that was so sad. But then I thought, I know and have friendships with many rich people who are happy despite their wealth. If I asked them if they are happy, they would say yes, and they are genuinely happy. The difference is so obvious: My friends are Christians!  

Friend, there is no better time than today to become a Christian. God is able to bless you with both wealth and happiness! People can be happy without knowing the Lord, but I think if you’re so voraciously seeking success and wealth without finding the Lord, you’ll never be able to look in the mirror and say, “I found what I was looking for.” Knowledge of the Lord does not depend on wealth. Make today the day that you dedicate your life to knowing the Lord!


Father, my request is to be blessed with both wealth and happiness from you!


Do you seek happiness, success and wealth without seeking the Lord?

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