We’re Called to a Spiritual Life

“Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.”

– Galatians 5:25

Every one of us is called to live a spiritual life, and in fact, we are already living this life. As it has been said before, we are not human beings experiencing spirituality, we are spiritual beings experiencing humanity. However, not all spiritual things are good. Not all spirits are good, and not all of the spiritual experiences we have are beneficial, either. I want to invite you to the right kind of spiritual experience and the right kind of spiritual life. I want you to experience God truly, fully, and deeply. I want you to immerse yourself in His words and His promises. 

As we live this spiritual life, we can know what it’s like to wake up and go to sleep in His Kingdom. We can experience what it’s like to live according to His purpose and calling. Jesus makes a way for us to live this life. All of us have had issues, problems, challenges, and opposition in the past. There are circumstances we struggle through in the present and will wrestle with in the future. The baggage we carry from one hand to the other is made up of all these situations. There are so many doubts and fears. There are all these unfinished symphonies, unfinished projects, and lost loved ones. If you trust Christ, he can make it right for you. However, you must make a decision.

Friend, make a decision today to follow Jesus or rededicate your life to Him. He was crucified and raised from the dead so you could be at peace with God. And the best way to know God is to be at peace with Him through Jesus Christ. Would you invite Him into your heart today? Receive the Holy Spirit, embrace the spiritual life, and receive life in Christ. 


Father, I want to know you fully, deeply, and completely.


Were you aware that you were called to live a spiritual life?

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