“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

– John 16:33

I want to share with you today the story of a blind man named Ben Underwood, who has developed what I believe is called sonar sight, which in essence means that he taught himself to see using sound waves. When he was only a three year-old boy, young Ben developed cancer in his eyes and needed surgery. Coming out of the operation, he woke up with no eyes, but his momma, Aquanetta, was there and when he said, “Momma, I can’t see,” she immediately replied, “You can see.” She took his hands and put them on her arm and said, “You can see with your hands.” Then she took her arm and put it up to his nose so he could smell her perfume and she said, “You can see with your nose.” After that, she whispered into his ears and she said, “Ben, you can see with your ears. You may not see like you used to, but you can see.” While everyone else said he was blind, his mom told him that he wasn’t as blind as he thought he was. By beginning his journey without eyesight in that way, she taught him to be a possibility thinker and that’s how he developed a way of “seeing” with his other senses. Today, by making a clicking noise with his mouth and hearing the sound bouncing off the walls, he uses his ears to “see” the objects around him; he can pick up the telephone, walk around his house, and even ride a bike by making a certain sound. 

Friend, I want to encourage you today to never lose your “What if?” voice. Don’t stop asking yourself “What if?” when life presents you with challenges, even when they seem like severe limitations. If the Son of God could come to earth as a baby and condense the fullness of His deity to a body of human flesh and then die and be raised to life again, nothing is impossible for Him! This is why I am always cheering you on and urging you to fall in love with the life He has given you. Your possibilities are endless when you abide with Jesus because He can do anything through you — all you need is faith! The world says you can’t, but He says that you can, because He has overcome the world! Isn’t that a life-changing thought?


Jesus, I am immensely thankful that you have overcome the world and I praise you for bringing endless opportunity to my life.


As you get close to entering a new year, what are your “What if’s?” Write them down, pray over them and expect God to work in your life.

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  1. Thanks, Pastor Bobby for this inspirational analogy. it is very awesome and a great blessing to me today when I am mentally and spiritually “down.”
    Your ministry is wonderful and, although I am an old man of 74 years ( a former college instruction in English), I am praying that your ministry will affect young people all over the world. They, for the most part, do not believe in God and do not accept the ministries of the older preachers. I saw this in my college students and am very sad.
    Please do not get focused on ‘BUILDING A TV MINISTRY EMPIRE”; just stay as natural a caring as you presently seem to be. Just keep doing God’s will and don’t even worry or think about whether your “Hour of Power” is growing. If it is of God, it will prosper without you having to push it.
    My funds have been really short this year, but I am going to try to set aside some monetary support for you in 2019.

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