“Sovereign Lord, my strong deliverer, you shield my head in the day of battle.”

– Psalm 140:7

The late actor Robin Williams once paraphrased Plato in saying: “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, so be kind, always.” And as cliche as this expression sounds, I think it’s important to understand how true it is so that we allow it to shape our interactions with others. The reality is that life is hard, and humanity is struggling with all kinds of issues — some people are just better at hiding it. No one has it all together, and the mistaken belief that they do is what causes many of us to feel alone in our pain. Nevertheless, we’re not flawed because we’re going through stuff, and it’s important to give ourselves grace so we can heal and extend mercy to our fellow brothers and sisters. Nobody is called to be strong all the time, and only when we embrace our brokenness can we reframe our hurt and see our battle as a blessing that draws us closer to our Savior. While not everyone is willing to disclose what they’re dealing with, understanding that there isn’t a person alive who escapes struggle should make us all-around more loving, empathic, kind, and caring disciples of Jesus.

My friend, when your heart is aching and you feel as if no one understands the depths of your pain, remember that you are not alone. Everyone is going through something — they just might not show it. And though it may seem as if there’s no end in sight, Jesus has not forgotten you. He is using your affliction to build your faith, enlarge your heart, and teach you how exhilarating it is when you finally reach a place of victory!


Jesus, help me to be transparent about my own battle and to be cognizant of the battles of others.


How does understanding that everyone you meet is dealing with something make you more patient and understanding?

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