When a Dream Is Put Into Our Hearts

“Joseph had a dream, and when he told it to his brothers, they hated him all the more.”

– Genesis 37:5

If you were tasked with designing a perfect person who was strong, resourceful, patient, and full of faith, what would you put this person through to create these characteristics? Would you ease their burden by giving them a lot of money or resources? It’s important to remember that every fire needs an obstacle to stay alive. Our fire needs a little help to burn brightly.

A favorite story in the Bible reflective of overcoming obstacles is that of Joseph because he embodied so many of our experiences when a dream is put into our hearts. In his family of 11 brothers, Joseph is one of the youngest, and his dad’s favorite. He seems to be a bit naive, and annoying to his siblings. The Lord gave him this dream in his heart, and he shared it with his brothers. What did they say? “Let’s kill him…” But instead of killing him, they sold him to make money. He landed in the house of Pharaoh’s guard captain where he was subjected to sexual harassment, lies against him, and time in prison. Despite all these obstacles, Joseph remains committed to God and his faith!

Friend, in the end, Joseph becomes the second most powerful man in Egypt despite all the obstacles he faced. When he finally comes face to face with his brothers again, they don’t recognize him and they think he’s just a powerful governor. Upon discovering that their brother is this powerful leader, they grieve, tear their clothes and think they’re dead men. But Joseph tells them that by not understanding his dream, they intended evil, but God intended good to save many lives. We learn from Joseph that overcoming our obstacles is a key to success!


Father, help me overcome obstacles in order to succeed.


What is the dream God has given you? Do you face any obstacles in your pursuit of your dreams?

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  1. My dream is to know the difference between right and wrong! The obstacles in my life have been those that I meet along the way. Family, friends, employers or just everyone else, because I believe God is real, but I asked God are we real? Because most of the people I have met are confused or against my belief? However, I am convinced nevertheless because of those obstacles that I face everyday in my life are real by getting through them, no matter what the obstacle are? Because of my belief and I think my question to God, is His way of addressing my journey or road I or we take in life. The question is up to us what we do apart or together? Remember God is always watching His creation to see it it to the latter end. We need to do the same by asking Him what to do if we do not know, He is always available and Joseph knew this. Amen. Bless God for He is in control, we are not just look around? Who is asking God for help today?

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