When God Interrupts Your Plan

“But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God.”

– Luke 1:30

The story of Mary, the mother of Jesus, is wonderful. Our modern culture does not understand what she lost when she gained Jesus Christ. Consider the interruption when the angel informed Mary what was about to happen! Imagine that everything in her life was going according to plan. Mary was a beautiful young girl, maybe 16 years old, engaged to a handsome young man, Joseph, who was probably in his late teens or early twenties. I believe they were in love. Certainly, he was a man of honor. She was a Jewish woman of God in a Jewish village and society.

In a culture of honor, God’s disruptive announcement to choose Mary as Jesus’ mother affected not only Mary and Joseph, but also their families. Mary is going to be married soon, and now she’s going to be pregnant walking down the aisle. What will her family and neighbors say about that? I’m sure Mary thought about this a lot. Mary had many reasons to believe that this was bad news instead of good news. But how did she react when her life’s plan was turned upside down? She was thrilled! Why? Because she knew what you know: When God interrupts your plan, it’s always an upgrade. And for her, it was!

Friend, in the event that your life’s plan seems to be going off course, and you are striving to become a better version of yourself, doing your best to follow Christ, here’s what I would like you to remember today: In spite of your plans, God’s promises are bigger than anything you could imagine. And as I shared yesterday, I believe that God’s interruption is an upgrade for you!


Father, allow me to embrace your interruptions, knowing they are for my benefit.


When God interrupts your plans, how do you respond? Is joy still in your heart?

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