Who Are You Looking For?

“If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

– James 1:5

Choosing who we will surround ourselves with is an important part of making the best decisions in our lives. First and foremost, I think it’s important to ask ourselves who it is that we’re looking for. People often wonder who the right person is to connect with based on the situation. Perhaps you are wondering who to marry or who to partner with in business. You may be considering hiring someone or investing in a mentor. The most important thing is to connect with someone who is focused on growing, no matter what the circumstances are!

People who desire growth in their lives don’t blame others, but look in the mirror and ask themselves how they can improve, become a better person, and grow. You want to surround yourself with people like that. Earlier this week, I shared that you shouldn’t focus on the weeds as you grow! We often try to weed out the people around us who we think are choking our garden. The wheat allows the farmer to remove anything that will harm its growth. As the farmer, God is obsessed with protecting His good wheat. You will be protected and taken care of by Him. It is our responsibility to trust God!

Friend, God has the right connections for you! My mentor once said that your life is like a stone being pulled back in a slingshot in readiness to propel forward. Technically, you might be going backward or nowhere, but every minute increases the tension between you and where you desire to be. And at the right time, God will allow that slingshot to be released, and you will be propelled forward and soar!


Father, thank you for connecting me with the right people at the right time.


Are you aware that God will protect and care for you? Could you be more trusting of Him?

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7 Responses

  1. Thank you for such inspirational words several years ago I was without a Job what seemed like forever a friend who truly believed in power of prayer said that when you pray and let God guide you he will a week later I found a job and was on my feet again going to weekly to church and pray with others, which was a true blessing it allowed me to share my story of hope and inspiration to others now this week my job let me go and once more I am faced with a lot of uncertainty but I truly believe that God knows what’s best and although there was plenty of signs on my last job to be ware of I simply did my job as God told me too and did not quit like others may have I simply must pray more and allow God to guide me

  2. Great message Pastor Bobby! I have loved watching the Hour of Power for 20+ years now. God bless the Schuller family and Happy New Year!

  3. I always read and watch you Bobby you are a great writer and I always love to read what you have to say! The Good Lord is blessing you and your precious family ♥️

  4. Pastor Bobby is the BEST. His sermons are powerful, divine, inspirational and always a very positive spin on every topic he preaches! Thank you so much for The Hour of Power. I listen to you every Saturday evening via TBN and it seems the messages are exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you.
    Dr. Roger Carey

  5. We spend so much time ripping and tearing at the weeds in our live )-: Not only are we doing damage to the roots of all the ‘good’ – what’s worse is we are reinforcing a lack of faith because God gives us strict instructions that we are to leave the weeds alone ! We must trust that He has a plan for the time of harvest. Not just His final harvest but all the way down to the tiny daily harvests like after a twenty minute business meeting. Such bounty comes from not even mentioning the weeds (-: Consider a time-lapse movie of a field of sunflowers with their leaves following and focussed on the sun every moment – all day. How rich our lives would be if we focussed, in everything, on the Son 😀

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