Who Leads and Who Follows?

“Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.”

– 1 Corinthians 11:1

For the past two days, we’ve learned that if we want to lead like Jesus, it’s important to consider how we respond to feedback and whether or not we’re planning for our succession. Today, I want to discuss the third and final question we’re wise to ask ourselves in order to assume His heart in leadership, and that is simply — who leads and who follows? While it may sound strange, the only way to effectively influence people to follow us is for us to follow Christ. When we, as believers, devote ourselves to walking in the paths of our Savior, guiding others becomes about encouraging them to follow Him. Whether we’re the head of a household, the CEO of a corporation, the owner of a business, or the overseer of a group of volunteers, our goal should not be to further our agenda or to get people to do what we want them to do. Instead, it should be about modeling Jesus so they can behold Him more clearly in every encounter with us. Though it’s tempting to steer others in the direction of our own vision, leading them to anyone less than God Himself is missing a sacred opportunity to expand His influence on the earth.

My friend, seize every chance you have to guide precious souls to Jesus with your tongue, your attitudes, and your actions. Whether it’s conducting a meeting, communicating a mission, or making a decision that will impact many, look to His Word, listen for His voice, and intentionally move others toward Him as you lead. He has placed you in your position because you have a divine purpose, and as you consistently honor Him, He will fill you with His Spirit and use your life to reach people in extraordinary and supernatural ways!


Jesus, I commit to following you in every area of my life so I can lead others well.


Where or with whom in your life do you lead? How do you seek the Lord’s help as you do?

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