Wisdom is Weightier than Gold

“How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver!” 

– Proverbs 16:16

Let me ask you a question: would you rather have a million dollars or the wisdom to make a million dollars? How you answer that says a lot about your priorities. However, don’t feel bad if you chose the money — who wouldn’t want resources like that just thrown in their lap? Though it’s always tempting to go the route of instant gratification or a quick-fix, living in the Kingdom of God means that you don’t have to; you already have all that you need!

We talked yesterday about the truth that you have many callings and that everything you do in life has a purpose that builds upon what came before. Today, I want to encourage you with the thought that all of your jobs, positions, and vocational appointments work together to cultivate one very important thing — wisdom! Proverbs tells us that it’s more valuable to get wisdom than gold and more profitable to attain insight than silver. Why is this true? Because a fool is quickly parted with his money. Nothing proves this more poignantly than looking at the track record of lottery winners; surprisingly, a vast majority of them end up destitute, broke, and broken. This is why it’s important to look at every experience in your life, not as an opportunity to gather wealth, but as a means to cultivate knowledge and understanding, which will serve you much longer!

Friend, stop worrying about tomorrow and be faithful today. Live a life of integrity, be trustworthy, and view every experience through the lens of how it will help you to grow in wisdom and Christlikeness. You can’t take anything with you when you die, but you can store up eternal treasures and live a life of transparency. I encourage you to make that your goal and devote more time and energy to it than to anything else. Be faithful, be pure in heart, be good to your neighbor, and do the right thing, even when no one is looking. As you do, you will be promoted and exalted in God’s perfect time!


Help me, Jesus, to make seeking and attaining wisdom my top priority as I work. I want to store up eternal treasures, not material wealth.


How have your jobs and callings, both past and present, helped you to cultivate wisdom and understanding?

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