Wisdom Reveals Divine Destiny

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”

– Proverbs 15:22

Yesterday, I shared the first of three practical tips that can help you as you seek to walk in the Lord’s will, which was to have a Biblical mind. Today, I want to discuss a second practice to empower you as you discern His best for your life, and that is to seek wise counsel. It’s always good to get the perspective of an outsider, especially someone who has proven truthful and trustworthy over a course of years. In fact, the Bible is full of examples of Godly people seeking advice from others. When Moses started governing the tribes of Israel, his father-in-law, Jethro, paid him a visit. Upon observing the thousands of people who were coming to him for advice, he counseled his son-in-law to teach them the Word of God and to appoint other wise people to help them resolve disputes and discern the Lord’s best. This led to a system being put in place, and it illustrates just how important it was to God that His people have access to sound counsel. Fast-forward to the New Testament and we see the trend continue. In fact, the early church was built upon Christ-followers becoming disciples and then making them, just like Jesus did. Paul is perhaps the greatest example of a Godly mentor, and his life and words instructed multiple thousands, including Barnabas and Timothy, who went on to leave their own legacy of faith. These are just a couple of examples that make it clear that the Holy Spirit reveals His plan for our lives as believers through the wisdom of others.

My friend, if you’re uncertain about whether or not you’re pursuing the Lord’s best, seek wise and Godly counsel. If someone exemplifies Christlike qualities and lives the kind of life you’re striving for, humble yourself, ask them to speak into your situation, and open your heart to hear their answer (which may surprise you). While God’s leading is not contingent upon the voice of others, He often uses their affirmation and encouragement to confirm His will and move you into His good plan. Never elevate the perspective of man above the Word of God, but leave room for them to agree, because when that happens, you’re confidently empowered to do great things for His Kingdom!


Jesus, I pray for Godly counselors in my life. Direct me to them and give me the courage to humble myself and ask for their insight.


Do you seek the counsel of others when trying to discern the Lord’s will? Why or why not?


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