“Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’”

Matthew 19:26

Your achievement nor your lack of achievement is not the result of your environment. It’s also not the result of luck. And it’s not the result of fairness. In the end, your achievement or lack of achievement is 100% directly related to your thinking. Environment, luck, and fairness are things that can only help give you the kind of thoughts that lead to a successful life. That’s why some of the poorest, disadvantaged, and unlucky people can become the greatest world changers in history. You can, too.


Help me, God, shift my thinking to thoughts of achievement. With you, I can change the world.


Have you felt like your environment has affected your achievement before?

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One Response

  1. We need to change the world, with the weel we got it right.

    We have a new powerful media and we do not do anything with it at all Bobby.

    These words stayed in my head for almost 55 years now :

    ” Meet the swinger Polaroid swinger, meet the swinger polaroid swinger.

    Nineteen dollars and ninetyfive, swing it up, it sais yes, take a shot, zip it of ”

    And then again Bobby……

    To be continued Bobby…..and freedom of speach goes with it here too…..

    Because freedom of speech , the law that is , is only right standing on a soap box…

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