Worship Through the Storm

“Worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness; tremble before him, all the earth.”

– Psalm 96:9

I have a favorite story about John Wesley, who is a giant in the history of the Christian faith, and who founded the Wesleyan movement, the Methodist Church, and is the father of a lot of our theology. After having a very radical conversion experience, he was traveling from England to America — the year was 1736. While there were mostly English passengers on board his ship, there was also a group of Moravian Christian missionaries who were traveling to share Jesus with the American colonies. Devoted to exercising their faith, these passionate believers would gather every day to have a worship time and sing the Psalms. Well into the journey, they were praising as usual when a violent storm came upon the sea. As the ship rocked from side-to-side and the winds became so harsh that they broke one of the masts off the boat, everyone began to panic. Chaos ensued and people feared for their lives…that is, except the Moravians. They sat calmly and continued to sing throughout the entire storm. When the gale had finally passed and everyone was safe again, Wesley approached them and asked how it was that they kept their composure and peace in the midst of such a chaotic tempest. They responded resolutely that they weren’t afraid to die and that they trusted God to get them through. As they spoke calmly of their deep faith, the wondering Wesley began to covet what they had, and their praise became a pivotal factor in him becoming an on-fire Christian. 

My friend, regardless of how choppy the waters of your circumstances are, you can worship through the storm! In fact, assuming a mantle of praise is your clearest path to victory. When you surrender fear and uncertainty to Jesus and purposefully focus on His sufficiency, the peace you find there will yield His power, even in the midst of chaos. As you adore the One who gave you life and meditate on the wonders of His magnificent love, your tempest becomes a testimony that illuminates the Lord’s triumph. No matter how rocky the road or rough the terrain, you can surrender your fear, trust His abundance, and worship with abandon until your journey is complete! 


Jesus, teach me to worship with abandon, even in the midst of trials and storms.


How will you worship the Lord today?


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