“You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you. This is my command: Love each other.”

– John 15:16,17

Today I want to share a very hopeful message: “Be assured that God has chosen you.” Your calling is not only for salvation, but for a great purpose in this special time on earth. For us humans, there’s an inherent need and deep desire in us to be chosen. One of my most significant beliefs is that if we live in the blessing of being chosen and trust in God’s will, life will be so much better. 

At times we may rightfully feel left out. Remember those games on the playground where the team captains had to choose people for their team? Their assignment was to take turns picking who would be on their team to help them win. As people were being selected, you would hope and pray not to be embarrassed by being the last to be picked. Present day, you may scroll through your social media and notice that a number of your close friends got together. In your heart, you ask yourself, “Why wasn’t I invited?” 

Friend, hear this from me: God has chosen you! In relationships, friendships, and business, God knows about us. So often the features in us that the world rejects are strengths that God has called us to utilize. The uniqueness we think is a curse, or that makes us feel like outsiders, very often gives us the edge we need to activate what we are called to do! Move forward and lift up your chin, drop your shoulders, and smile because God has chosen you.


Father, thank You for choosing me. Help me to see my uniqueness as a strength you can use.


Do you understand you have a great purpose on earth? What is your unique strength that God can use?

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  1. Beautiful Bobby! No matter what’s going on some days I remember God loves me. There are many days ,working as a nurse ,it feels overwhelming. It’s burn out.
    I’ve been listening to you!
    I’m writing down goals to have a calming influence at work and home,and seeking God’s wisdom for restoration.
    I’m beginning to have good days! I want to be the person who begins each day with Praise and Thanksgiving. My attitude has changed and my days are better!!! Thanks!

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