“They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations.”

– Isaiah 61:4

We learned yesterday that Queen Mary I, who has been designated “Bloody Mary,” reigned in terror and was determined to “cleanse” her country of the protestant faith that was propagated by her father, Henry VIII. However, in order to continue her conquest, she needed an heir. After a series of miscarriages and stillbirths, she was certain she had become pregnant, but what was actually growing in her stomach was a tumor. Before long, she passed away and her half-sister, Queen Elizabeth I, ascended to the throne. Interestingly, the new monarch was about as different from her predecessor as night and day. She re-established protestantantism in the nation and was tolerant of other faith practices, avoiding the systematic religious persecution propagated by her ancestors. Even more importantly, during her reign, creativity in the country flourished. Playwrights like Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe produced great works, and explorers like Sir Francis Drake had license to roam. Because she was a free spirit herself, Queen Elizabeth created a culture in which people could thrive, and it changed the course of history. Even today, we are learning from what was cultivated throughout her reign. Whether she knew it or not, by letting others be free, she was changing the course of history and leaving a legacy for future generations. Likewise, when we do right by God and others, the heritage we fashion has an impact more far-reaching than we can fathom.

My friend, the atmosphere you create for those around you has the power to change the future. When you live as a person of faith who honors Jesus with your attitudes, actions, and decisions, you cultivate a personal culture that inspires growth. By doing the next right thing and letting the love of Christ emanate from your soul, you are making history in a way that you won’t fully understand until you get to Heaven!


Jesus, thank you for granting me the privilege of being a part of history. I ask you to multiply my impact and use me to shape future generations for your glory.


What kind of history are you fashioning with your life choices?

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