“God blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.’”

– Genesis 1:28

We talked a few days ago about how the norm in our society seems to be to worship the idea of doing nothing. We are always rushing to get through the next project or the next day of work, or the next class so we can reach a place of simply being idle. However, the truth is that we were made to do things and when we do, we find our greatest satisfaction! 

Did you know that part of the blessing of the Garden of Eden was the work that God gave Adam and Eve to do?  As opposed to being drudgery, they were designed to be fruitful and to devote themselves to what their Maker had called them to, which was to abad and shamar — meaning “serve and protect” in Hebrew. While some have said that their job was to name the animals (I’m not sure where that came from), the truth is that the earth’s native humans were farmers who were to tend to the garden. Abad is another form of the word avad, which is where we get avodah, the concept we have been talking about. In essence Adam and Eve were made to work, worship, and serve the Lord in their surroundings, and also to shamar, or protect what had been entrusted to them. They were given a Heavenly and almost kingly authority that was evidenced by the love and care they showed their surroundings. What they poured into the garden gave them life — this was before the fall!

Friend, work is God’s idea and although it may sometimes leave you feeling tired and worn out, the very fabric of your being is designed to be productive. You were not made to sit around in a chaise lounge eating bon-bons all day. You were made to design, create, and contribute to the world around you. While periods of rest and relaxation are completely necessary, they are a means of keeping you strong in doing what Jesus has called you to, not your ultimate end. I encourage you to evaluate your attitude about work and align your heart and mind with God’s design. I am confident that as you do, you will find a renewed sense of joy, power and purpose in your life, and that’s very good news!


Jesus, thank you for designing the very fabric of my being to be purposeful and productive; teach me to see work as you do.


Do you live in light of your next break or do you embrace your work as part of God’s design for you? Which is more helpful?

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  1. The recent devotions regarding work, worship, and protection have been encouraging. Currently, work has been loathsome. Maybe I’m burned out or just getting old! The public expects so much and as one self-employed person with a staff to look over, it is exhausting. While I am thankful for the business’s success, it consumes my life for 8 months a year. After 30+ years, I’ve yet to be successful in finding balance! It is seasonal and 0-90mph nonstop.

    When a person is retired, what is their work?

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