You are Rewarded in His Likeness

“The faithless will be fully repaid for their ways, and the good rewarded for theirs.”

– Proverbs 14:14

What do you want in life? What would you say if we were sitting by a lake together, staring at the water and being contemplative, and I asked you that question? Do you think it’s money? Maybe. Do you think it’s glory? Maybe. Given enough time to think and contemplate, I believe you would say something along the lines of wanting to live a life that matters, wanting to belong, or wanting your friends and family to be healthy and happy. These things are your life and reward in the Kingdom of God, which is the wonderful news I want to share with you right now! 

These gifts — purpose, health, peace, and passion — come as a result of the power that comes from exercising specific aspects of our walk with God in solitude. You will never attain your full potential (and you have a lot of it) if you live and lead solely to please people and win the highest approval! You can’t be full of joy and happiness while obliging others. In truth, you must say no from time to time since the fragility of your flesh and the challenges of life imply that you will surely experience periods of despair. You can’t be super-spiritual in those moments because you’re too weak, and trying to be anything less would be dishonest. From time to time, we all have broken hearts; we all cry, we all grieve, and we all get caught up in things we didn’t need to be wrapped up in. The essential throughout these times is to maintain a solid relationship with Jesus. Don’t forget to reach out to Him and give Him everything you have, even if it’s just the crumbs you have left, in the secret and quiet area of your heart. 

My friend, secrecy is a gift because it allows you to reap the full benefit of Christlikeness. When you stop pretending to be strong when you’re dying on the inside, you gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that Jesus sees, cares for, and loves you equally on good and terrible days. Your inner screams are heard when you call out to Him with whatever faith you have left, and He utilizes both your victories and tragedies to make you more like Him. You embrace His stability as you trust Him regardless of external circumstances, and He cultivates within you a fullness of joy and tranquility that can only come from intimacy with Him.


Jesus, in my walk with you I want to build intimacy and secrecy so that even difficult situations drive me closer to your heart.


What does it mean to you to cultivate secrecy in your relationship with God?

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