“Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will take me into glory.” -Psalm 73: 23-24

Our world wants you to earn your love and respect. That’s never going to go away,  but earning is a good thing. However, the most important thing in our lives is love, and we need it from the minute we are born. Love is so fragile and easily lost that we become the kind of people who put up masks, perform, and act certain ways so we won’t be abandoned. Many of us can feel like our whole lives are filled with people and the things we do, yet we remain unfulfilled. We have means but no meaning. The emptiness and loneliness we feel is a deep desire that all of us have: to be loved by someone in spite of our flaws. We long to be accepted, to belong, to be valued, to be a part of a true family. You are. You’re part of my family, the family of God. You belong and you will never lose it.

PRAYER: Thank you, God, for inviting me into your loving family.

REFLECTION: Do you ever feel like you have to earn your love?

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  1. i love your devotional. i am in between churches right now. i was going to a church i really liked, but it closed. i loved the pastor, but being a small church, too long to going into word, but the people in charge of finances were not being honest with church money. people started leaving. so i watch your program. i learn a lot. i love the way you teach. i loved your grandfather and father preach also. i do not drive. And now i am becoming disabled with arthritis w/ bone spurs. Its like having shards of glass in my knees, neck, shoulders and hands. But i still get out and walk about a half an hour to an hour every day. If you don’t move it you lose it. May you have a blessed year. Love Lisa

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