“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.”

– Isaiah 54:2

Today I would like to discuss with you the importance of possibility thinking and why I think it is so powerful. According to my grandpa, Dr. Robert Schuller, “Possibility Thinking” means falling in love with everything possible and growing that seed into victory. One great possibility thinker comes to mind. The author of “The Shack,” Paul Young, tried repeatedly to publish his book. Both secular and Christian publishers rejected him. With the help of friends, he self-published his book. Guess what happens when you self-publish a book that ends up being wildly popular? You make more money and impact more lives! That’s what publishing industry professionals call a win. Self-publishing opened up God’s possibilities for Him.

I am also reminded of “The Chosen,” a Christian historical drama series created, directed, and co-written by filmmaker Dallas Jenkins. The vision was to create a show based on the life of Jesus, and highlighting those who interacted with Him. Financed through donations and available on an app, people would have to download the app to view it. The impossibility thinker in me said, “That’s impossible! There is no way that will work. What kind of person would do that?” Guess what? The project has been a huge success with over 100 million viewers!

Friend, the importance of possibility thinking can’t be overstated. It changes the way you think, it changes how you look at your life, and it changes your direction and destiny. By expanding your thinking and becoming a possibility thinker, you expand your life. You become bigger and everything around you gets bigger, and that’s awesome. Do you want your life to change? Change is necessary. It’s all about how you change your thoughts and who you’re becoming as a result.


Father, show me how to expand my vision and embrace what is possible.


Are you able to see how possibility thinking can be powerful in your life?

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  1. Thanks Bobby! This really helped today to think of possibilities rather than problems! Reading your daily prayers has helped so much.

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