Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. – John 4:7

There’s no way to understand love without understanding the love of God. That is a love that doesn’t end. It’s not earned. It’s unmerited. It can’t be won or lost. There was no point at which God started loving you. He always has loved you and always will love you. There’s no action you can take, no heinous thing you can do to lose God’s love. It’s unmerited favor and adoration, love. Just waves and waves of love that God pours over you. Unless you understand this love, the kind of love that God has for you, it’ll be impossible for you to love others in the way that we’re supposed to as disciples of Jesus. The thing that makes you a Christian, is that you know God’s love and that you love other people.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, please help me to know your love and to love others today. Amen.

REFLECTION: How can I love people in the way that God loves me?

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One Response

  1. God’s love is unconditional.
    Man loves with condition or based on deeds.
    God has taught me to love in this way. But at times He has to remind me to love myself
    Glory be to God

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