Commit your way to the Lord. Psalm 37:5

You cannot be hurried and be kind or loving. Almost every miracle story is someone interrupting Jesus when he’s on his way to go somewhere. The leper shouts out ‘Lord, have mercy on me!’ and Jesus stops and walks over to where the leper is and heals him. The bleeding woman stops Jesus and is healed by him and he takes a moment and talks to her. Almost every single person that was healed or helped by Jesus interrupted him. Do you know why? Jesus was relaxed. Jesus was not in a hurry. He knew he was a ceaseless spiritual being with an eternal destiny in God’s good universe, just like you. He knew that if he hurried, he might miss out on the needs of people around him. He knew that you cannot be both in a hurry and be kind. If you’re in a hurry and someone stops you and needs prayer, or needs a listening ear, or even if you stop and meet with them but you feel hurry in your body, you’re still not going to be at a place where you can truly be a representation of Christ to them. You cannot be in a hurry and be loving to others.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, thank you for always always being available when I need you. Help me to not hurry and help me focus on the needs of those around me. Amen.

: How can I slow down and be more available to love those around me?

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