“So all the people took off their earrings and brought them to Aaron. He took what they handed him and made it into an idol cast in the shape of a calf, fashioning it with a tool. Then they said, ‘These are your gods, Israel, who brought you up out of Egypt.’”

– Exodus 32:3,4

Do you know the story of Moses? I’m assuming you do, and if you haven’t read it in the Bible, you’ve probably seen the movie The Ten Commandments with Charleton Heston. The account goes that the Lord chose Moses, a Jew by birth and an Egyptian by upbringing, to lead His people out of slavery at the hands of Pharaoh. As the Israelites were attempting to escape the huge Egyptian army, God did some absolutely miraculous things to save them, including parting the Red Sea so they could walk across on dry land. Despite witnessing His divine power on numerous occasions, God’s people were quick to complain and to turn their back on Him because they didn’t like their circumstances. Perhaps the worst of their rebellion happened when Moses went to the top of Mount Sinai to meet with the Lord and receive the Ten Commandments. Frustrated by their lack of progress and the disappearance of their leader, the people gathered together all of the gold and other plunder they had collected from the Egyptians, threw it into the fire, and formed a golden calf. Even worse, they used the calf to worship Baal, which involved child sacrifice and all sorts of evil things. Although they knew full well that it was Almighty God who brought them out of captivity, they bowed before their idol and gave it the credit for what He had done. No wonder His anger burned against them! 

My friend, though it’s easy to grumble in these troubling times, never forget what God has done for you! Your Savior pulled you out of the pit, set your feet on a Rock, and endowed you with unending treasure in His Kingdom. In the spiritual realm, you are wealthier than you understand, and though it can be frustrating when His voice seems silent and the view of His glory is eclipsed, resist the temptation to turn your affections to something else. The Lord is the supplier of everything good in your life — and in this world — and He alone wants to be your first love. When you allow any of His blessings to ascend the throne of your heart and take the place of their true Source, you forfeit your best life. Anchor your soul in Him alone, and He will provide everything you need to walk through this valley and emerge even stronger on the other side! 


Jesus, you are my first love. Guard my heart, and protect me from the temptation to worship anything or anyone else, especially when I don’t sense you near.


Is there anything in your life that teeters on the brink of being an idol? How might you keep your eyes on the Lord when you are tempted to wander?


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  1. I only keep my eyes on God because he helps me to focus on what is important. Such as to become more aware of protecting my health by cutting back on fattening foods like ice cream cookies and candy.Which is bad for my weight.And also by reducing the chances of getting diabetes.Eventhough I try not to overindulge in anything that is not good for me.Sometimes the temptation is too easy and my will power crumbles.But I know that God will set my mind straight.I hope and pray that the Hour of Power will continue its mission of spreading the Good News of God and his uplifting messages of healing to everyone around the world.To Pastor Bobby Schuller and his beautiful family may they stay safe healthy and happy.To the congregation of Shepherd’s Grove at Irvine Presbyterian Church love prayers and warm greetings.To the Hour of Power Choir and Orchestra along with The Voices of Hope Children’s Choir and the directors Dr Mark Riley and Sarah Grandpre.Warm thoughts and blessings for the beautiful uplifting music and singing.As always I remain a faithful viewer and Happy and Wholesome Student in Jesus Christ.May God keep all of them safe healthy and happy during this horrible Covid-19 pandemic

  2. I pray every morning for about an hour. I have a list of what I pray about. The list has the names of all my family members neighbors and friends. The list includes deceased family and friends. I am 73 so my deceased list is long. I spend a portion of my day since open heart surgery looking at cars and trucks I would enjoy having. Mercedes Benz S class and SL plus the GLS and GLE are at the top. Idol worship never enters my mind because I know GOD wants me to have the Best. My bank account after a drunk driver crash is so short I have only dreams left and pray for increase. This after almost 12 years of surgeries to repair my body and my wife has had more surgeries than me. I will end one day I thought it was last May 27th but the replaced my Aortic valve and a Cardiomyopathy plan to hang around a while.

  3. making more money honestly honestly I have to depend on the LORD my GOD for every step i take and every move i make is GOD’s move for us daily! to continue to fast and pray for the strong spiritual move of the LORD my GOD Jesus Christ for everything always! fir that GOD’s LOVE is and always will be amazing awesome and beautiful daily! For that we need to depend solely on the LORD my GOD for that his mercies are new every morning!

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