Your Inner Life Counts!

“But the Lord said to Samuel, ‘Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.’ ”

– 1 Samuel 16:7

Today, I want to look at how we measure forward progress. Having a desire to grow, learn, excel, and promote is a normal and natural part of being human; these are all wonderful things that can help us really feel like we’re making the most of our lives. However, the thing I want you to hear today is that the way God measures progress is not the same as the way the world measures it. 

While culture judges how far we’ve come based on our outer life and the things we’ve achieved, the Lord looks at our inner life and measures the intangible qualities of the heart. That said, much of what you experience in your outer life is a manifestation of your inner world. While society may look at a credential or title, Jesus looks beyond that to see the treasures on the inside, and He is proud of who you are and of how much you’ve grown and developed.

Friend, when you choose a lens through which to view progress in your life, see through God’s eyes. Instead of looking at how much money you make, what you have or haven’t been able to acquire, or how much you weigh, focus instead on what’s happening in your heart and in your character. If you’re growing in Christlikeness, wisdom, integrity, and courage, you are investing in the things that ultimately satisfy, and you’re moving towards Jesus’ very best for your life! 


Jesus, thank you for teaching me to value what is unseen rather than what is seen. I want to excel in my inner life so I become more like you to the world around me.


Do you focus most of your attention on the inner life or the outer?

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