“You, Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.”

– Psalm 18:28

A friend once asked me, “what does it mean to live in the Spirit or to have the Spirit inside of you?” I can understand him seeking guidance on this concept, because it perplexes people all the time. As we walk through life, we don’t always feel the Spirit of God on the inside. In response to this, the Lord gave me this revelation when I was contemplating how to answer my friend. When you’re baptized, God puts a “pilot light” inside of you. You know what a pilot light is, it’s in your fireplace or your stove. It’s a little blue, almost invisible light that provides the flame needed to light the gas coming out of the main burner. At times you almost need a flashlight to find it. It hardly gives off any light or any heat, but it’s always there. 

Friend, God put a pilot light inside of you that never goes out and is always there! Harness its energy! All that’s needed is for you to just turn the gas on — just turn on your faith! Life can be hard as we experience difficult hurdles we must get over. We all go through disappointments and challenges, betrayals and hard luck; health problems, or money problems. In these situations, just ignite your light of the Spirit! Life will bring us situations we didn’t plan for, and events there’s no way we could have been prepared for. When you experience enough of these trials, you may feel defeated. This is when you connect with the Holy Spirit who will lead and guide you. Allow God to ignite you by His Holy Spirit!


Father, thank you for putting a “pilot light” inside of me that’s always there. Help me to give it gas to harness its energy so that it may shine a light in my life.


Do you turn to God during life’s challenges or disappointments? How can you remember to seek God as you go through life’s trials?

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