“The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.”

– Romans 8:6

The soul is fragile; it is easily wounded. This is why we tend to become defensive and run away from people, even those who love us, when we’ve been hurt.  As you experience rejection, criticism, ridicule and judgment, it causes your heart great pain. However, as you process these things, it’s important to remember that people are always the source –- God will never cause you harm. Everything He says and does is good. If the Lord Himself speaks good things over you, those are the things you should speak to yourself. Don’t judge or criticize yourself for what He has already paid for.

I plead with you, don’t harm yourself with self-condemning words and thoughts. Do your best, forget the rest, and silence your critical inner voice. As you do, you will have more energy to move forward toward what you are called to do, and that’s great news!


God, teach me not to harm myself, but to speak good things over my life and circumstances.


Do you have a critical inner voice? How can it be quieted by what God has spoken over you?

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