Your Story Is Not Over Yet

“The Lord blessed the latter part of Job’s life more than the former part …”

– Job 42:7

It’s the day after Christmas, but the joy and symbolism are still present in your heart. Jesus was born on the coldest and darkest night. In our darkness when we are at our lowest, that’s when God often appears. This will be a great part of your victory story, even if you’re at the end of your rope or at the bottom of the bottom. We serve an “It’s possible” God. It’s Possible is a great statement and that means the story for you is not over yet!   

As your story unfolds, the solution lies within your heart, not in outside circumstances. Your problems won’t be solved by getting a different government or boss, or getting someone outside of yourself to change. Change occurs in you and here’s how: It is when you decide that you can become who you need to be. Not just for you, but for those who love you! God is not done with you, and your most fulfilling days are ahead. As your life progresses, you will need to sow seed into every field you come across, and you will reap the benefits.

Friend, the Lord is proud of you, and I am proud of you! My prayer for you today is that you will be victorious and become who you’re called to be. I pray that you receive the fresh wind you need. You are healed, and you will continue to be healed. You will be above and not beneath; the head and not the tail. Your baskets will be full and your days will be bright! I pray this over you in the mighty and strong name of Jesus Christ; let it be so!


Father, instruct me on how to be victorious and become the person I am called to be.


Are you still hopeful that your story is not over? What is your future vision?

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  1. Merci cher Pasteur, pour cette prière bien sentie comme toujours. Je vous envoie mes bons sentiments de santé, d’amour que seul Dieu nous donne, que la Lumière de Dieu vous guide pour 2024, Vous, votre famille et vos proches. Belle continuité. Marie Montréal. xxx

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