Your Thoughts Are Leading You

“Jesus knew what they were thinking and asked, ‘Why are you thinking these things in your hearts?’ “

– Luke 5:22

If your thoughts were a signpost of where your life is going, what would it say? Last week, I discussed the meaning of the word “heart.” The heart in the Bible is not your emotions; it’s your will. It’s what you decide to do regardless of how you feel emotionally. In the Bible it says, as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. The most important thing to capture from today is that your thoughts determine your life. Our patterns of thinking — what we dwell on — grows. And they can grow into crops or weeds, success or failure. They grow into achievement or mediocrity. It is your thoughts that create who you are. 

In a way, your thoughts could be viewed as a signpost on the road to the future. If you’ve driven across the country, you’ve seen the signs on the road that display the next two or three cities, and the corresponding miles it takes to get there. As you speak to yourself in the mirror, do your thoughts reflect forward movement? Or do your thoughts take you down a path of destructive thinking? It is easy to become bombarded with a negative point of view, but there are always positives to focus on, especially knowing that God is on your side!

Friend, as we keep driving down the road of life, our thoughts can serve as signposts to the direction we’re heading. Embrace thinking that leads to accomplishments, breakthroughs, and success. Even better, adopt the kind of thinking that leads to a deeper walk with God or with the people you care about. Embrace thoughts that bring you a more joyful and meaningful life. Allow your positive signposts to transform your life!


Father, help me to embrace the thinking that leads to accomplishment, breakthroughs, and success.


Can you recognize when you are stuck in negative thinking? How can you turn this around?

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