“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

– Isaiah 41:10

Today, I want to give an encouragement to those of you who feel invisible. I know that some of you may be struggling with difficult circumstances, and you’re tired. Perhaps you keep doing the right thing day after day but nobody seems to notice or care. If this is you, you can be absolutely certain that God sees you, and that He understands your sacrifice. Maybe you’re a young mom and you spend all week tending to the needs of your children with very little time to take care of yourself. If you’re worn out and close to tears, remember that the Lord is with you. He is enveloping you in grace and telling you that He’s proud of all that you do. Though you can’t see it now, you are impacting the future of the world as you invest in your kids. Or perhaps you’re at the other end of life’s spectrum and you’re a caregiver. Maybe you’re supporting an elderly parent or even a spouse, and it seems as if you’re losing steam. As you pour out your energy, compassion, and love on someone who can’t reciprocate, you may feel close to giving up. However, I want you to know that Jesus is by your side, and there will be an eternal reward for your devotion that far outweighs the pain you’re enduring today. It may also be that you’re a teacher adapting to the ongoing demands of the COVID-19 situation, a healthcare worker dealing with exhaustion, or a business owner who is struggling and sacrificing to provide for your family. Whatever the case, you are seen, you are known, and you are loved more than you can fathom. The Lord is with you, He’s for you, and you are never alone.

My friend, in Jesus, you have a Savior, a father, and an unfailing friend. He understands the pain you experience as you sacrifice yourself every day, and He is proud of you. Even if you feel as if you can’t take another step or give one more hour of your time, His grace will sustain you. He is always by your side, and when you look to Him, He will infuse you with strength and carry you in His arms when you’re too weary to carry on. You are not invisible to Him, and His power is made perfect in your weakness. There’s no shame in your struggle, and there’s no place you can go that is beyond the reach of His unbreakable and unending love.


Jesus, I’m grateful that you see me and that you love me perfectly, even when I feel invisible.


Do you feel invisible today? If so, take a moment to ask the Holy Spirit to confirm in your heart that you are seen.

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