“‘Go,’ he told him, ‘wash in the Pool of Siloam’ (this word means ‘Sent’). So the man went and washed, and came home seeing.”

– John 9:7

After Jesus rubbed dirt and spit into the eyes of the man born blind, He instructed him to go and wash it off in the Pool of Siloam, which was a huge Mikveh, or a body of water used for ceremonial cleansing prior to worship. Upon receiving these directions, the man went without hesitation, did as the Lord said, and “came home seeing.” I can only imagine what it was like for him as he rinsed the dirt from his face and beheld light, images, color, and people for the first time. He was probably in a state of disbelief, and I’m sure he experienced a mix of excitement and shock at his wonderful new reality. Though it seems he was genuinely savoring the moment, he must have wondered if the miracle would last. Thankfully for him, he had been touched by the Living God — the One who holds all the power of the Universe in His hands, and when He restores sight, He never takes it back. While the doubts of others, and even our own questions, can eclipse the clarity of His wonders, He will not revoke the healing He so freely and generously gives.

My friend, when you said “yes” to a relationship with Jesus, you received your spiritual sight, and you were healed permanently, from the inside out. Once your Savior came to dwell inside of you, He opened your eyes and enabled you to see things that those who don’t know Him are blind to. While others may scoff at the gift you’ve been given or cause you to doubt the power of your salvation, you can never “unsee” what God has supernaturally revealed, and nothing can take His presence from you. You have been chosen and set apart to bear witness to His transformational love, so follow His lead, seek His heart, and vow to bring His Spirit to a world that desperately needs to know the hope of divine illumination!


Jesus, thank you for giving me spiritual sight and for opening my eyes to the wonders of who you are.


How has Jesus opened your eyes?


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