“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.”

– John 1:1,2

Well, it’s December of 2020, and we’re preparing to welcome Christmas once again. That said, there’s no doubt that this year looks different. As we continue navigating the ever-changing currents of the COVID-19 situation, flexibility and sacrifice seem to be essentials for survival. While we embrace the holiday season with the knowledge that our country — and our planet — is in a state of uncertainty, we can apply our hearts with greater understanding to the story of Jesus’ birth. You see, on the night He came, Mary and Joseph’s world looked dark. They were in a strange city, she was dealing with the pain of labor, and they couldn’t find a quiet place for her to rest and give birth. I imagine they were panicked, yet nevertheless, into the chaos and upset of their circumstances, the Prince of Peace was born. Though His arrival was first announced in the sound of a baby’s cry, because He came to us — fully God and fully man — we can face the difficult and unknown seasons of our lives with the knowledge that He is with us. No matter how much our surroundings shift and waver, the One who was with God in the beginning stands steadfast and immovable.

My friend, if ever there was a time to rejoice in the coming of Jesus, it’s now! While it may seem as if trouble is surrounding you on all sides, the Light of Hope shines even more brightly in deep darkness. This Christmas season, press into your Savior like never before, strip the noise of the world away, and allow His Spirit to whisper to your heart how much you are loved. While earthly trouble is inevitable, your soul is firmly anchored to the Living Word. He is your Good Shepherd, and He is faithfully taking care of you in every moment of uncertainty.


Jesus, you are my everything. I pray for renewed intimacy with you this Christmas season.


How will you intentionally focus on your Savior between now and Christmas?


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