There is Power in Generosity

“You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.”

– 2 Corinthians 9:11

I recently had the pleasure of spending time with David Green, the founder of the Hobby Lobby company and a devoted believer as well as a very nice man. I was speaking with him, and he told me an incredible anecdote. He was working at a small craft store in Oklahoma City in the 1970s when he decided he wanted to start his own business. He took out a $600 loan and opened a small craft shop in his garage. His network now has over 800 locations, and his net worth is close to $8 billion; he is a Forbes 500 member.

I never want to miss an opportunity to learn the secret to someone’s success when I sit down with someone like David Green. When I asked him what he believes has been the fundamental source of his wealth, his response was unequivocal and confident: charity! He informed me that being benevolent has kept his heart in the right place and allowed him to take the necessary risks. Because he understands where his supply comes from, he can step forth in confidence, knowing that God will take care of him because He has done it many times before. He went above and beyond by telling me something I’ll never forget. He told me that when he read the Scripture in Malachi on tithing, he took it to heart, and he said, “The Bible is either true or it isn’t, so believe it or throw it away.” Wow! What a declaration! Because he trusted what the Bible stated, he gave all of his money away and then received it back. He has seen the Lord perform things that he would never have seen if he had persisted in being in charge of his fortune!

Friend, God does not ask for money because He requires it; rather, you require it! Giving, even though it is always painful, trains and prepares you with the realization that everything you have was His first. When you keep your hands open and relinquish your right to keep what you have, you acquire far more than you ever gave up! You will bless countless others and leave a legacy that will outlast you, even into eternity, as you contribute! Isn’t that fantastic news?


Jesus, thank you for teaching me to be generous. I’d like to hold on to my belongings loosely so that you can create a legacy out of my life.


How has giving until it hurts benefited you?

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